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Lime-a-Rita Cinco Takeover

Viva La Rita

Lime-A-Rita Cinco Takeover 

Viva la Rita - Atlanta Marquee

The Challenge

We were challenged to transform a popular Atlanta bar, Big Sky Buckhead, into a fully experiential Lime-A-Rita Cinco de Mayo party. The focus was for VIP’s and influencers to sample the new Splash products – and have a blast while doing so!


The Solution

Our design team created four different spaces throughout the trendy Buckhead space, each hosting a different activity or product. These included:

  • Main Stage Concert – A rocking concert held in the parking lot, lasting all day and well into the night. The space was created using large branded truss walls, custom sampling bars, palm trees for shade, and of course—games. On the large pop-up stage was a local DJ to get the party started, followed by Snoop Dogg and Nelly to ensure VIP’s partied all night.

  • Life’s A Ball – The enormous 20 X 20 ball pit encouraged everyone to act like a kid again. Guests climbed the steps before venturing out to the jump platform to prepare for their dive. As they jumped into the Lime-A-Rita colored balls below, animated GIFs were taken mid-leap, capturing their excitement to share immediately on social media.

  • Splash Zone – In contrast to the bright colors of the outdoor Lime-A-Rita zone, the first floor was transformed into the more subtle Splash Zone. Existing wooden walls and stone bars were covered in white vinyl or branded in the Splash brand’s pink and green color palette. Guests sampled Splash products while escaping the sun, in a calm and quiet alternative environment. 

  • VIP Splash Zone – The second floor exclusive lounge allowed VIP’s a unique vantage point to enjoy the events below and savor privacy and specialty food service, as well as snag a front row to the event’s amazing lineup of entertainment including Nelly and Snoop Dogg among others.  

  • To complement the various activation zones housed in the bar, Lime-A-Rita vans from the Fleet Tour were positioned outside for additional sampling opportunities.


The Results

Guests were chosen at random through a raffle. Because the event was not advertised and considered “invite only,” the ‘buzz’ exploded as locals watched the three-day transformation of their favorite Buckhead night spot. In addition, Instagram agreed to a specialty Cinco Saturday wallpaper. Anyone using Instagram at the event was able to choose the wallpaper, along with a hashtag to share their pictures on social media. For a night, all of Buckhead wanted to participate in #CincoSaturday, before the bar returned to normal the following day.

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