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Stella Artois - Run for the Roses

2016 Kentucky Derby

Stella Artois’ Run for the Roses

Kentucky Derby Ride 2016


The Challenge

We were tasked to create five spaces that seamlessly blended the Stella Artois brand with the legacy of the Kentucky Derby’s “Run for the Roses.”  The real challenge was creating an environment that utilized pieces that could all be repurposed for other brand activations after following the Derby.

The Solution

We created decor that married Stella Artois’s premium branding with functionality that was consistent across each of the Derby activation zones. 

  • Grandstand Terrace - To mask the industrial-looking cold plates used for dispensing the beer at the Grandstand Terrace, we custom crafted facades.  The facades complemented the existing look and assets of the Stella Artois Food & Wine mobile tour that aimed to portray Stella as the beer of the modern home. The environment helped reaffirm the idea that Stella is the first choice beer for life’s best moments.

  • Gate 10 area - We utilized the same décor pieces as we incorporated into the Grandstand, but in a wholly different floor plan so that guests became fully immersed in a Stella environment immediately upon entering.  The tagline “Make It a Run to Remember” was fashioned entirely out of lush, red roses to create a seamless connection between the iconic Derby roses and the Stella brand. 

  • The VIP Lounge – This area utilized complementary components with the addition of a few show-stopping surprises, including an oversized 30’ hedge wall, complete with hundreds of roses spelling out ‘Stella Artois.’ The rose wall served as a luxurious and eye-popping backdrop to the sleek, white lounge area.  The contrast of the American Beauty roses served to increase the prominence of the Stella Artois branding in an elegant, yet functional, manner.


The Results

The luxurious and eye-catching Stella Artois brand experiences cast a respectful nod to the tradition of the Derby’s “Run for the Roses” motto.  In doing so, we reinforced the message that Stella Artois is the beer of choice for modern, successful Americans who desire to experience the best life can offer.

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