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Stub Hub

Sound Stage Takeover

Stub Hub’s Sound Stage Takeover


The Challenge

The ask was to reconceptualize StubHub’s event space for the wildly popular music festival scene, including Riot Fest and Outside Lands. The aim was to create an environment that highlighted StubHub’s brand evolution from the previous year’s NoMoFoMo campaign to better match their sleeker and more contemporary look and feel.

The Solution

In 2015 the team created a 40’ x 60’ contained concert space that traveled across the US and Canada. The former #NoMoFoMo was completely reimagined and reemerged as SOUND STAGE. The new space was designed to incorporate a smaller 30’ x 20’ stage with prominent branding and a dance floor that beckoned attendees to stay and party. We also focused on the client’s need to organically incorporate thoughtful and immersive branding and merchandizing.


Sets of five hard walls lined each side of the tent, designed to enhance the “exclusive” feel of the space. Each was branded in sleek black and white SEG graphics that popped against the sea of plain white tents on the festival grounds.


The modest stage, designed to create intimate experiences for festival goers, allowed fans to connect with their favorite artists, including GRiZ, Fantastic Negrito, and Whitney, all through StubHub.


Opposite the stage, fans could chill out and catch the live feed from the festival’s Main Stage at the custom “Road Case Bar” which channeled the Rock and Roll vibe while offering a fully functional bar space. Just one of the many perks of using StubHub, fans could remove some of the hassle from their experience, and easily grab a beer without lines.

The Results

A seamless integration of a massive brand name into one of the top festivals in the nation. SOUND STAGE emerged as StubHub’s number one event of the year, increasing the brand’s awareness and appeal across the music festival scene, as well as on social and digital platforms. The original design (made to be updated annually) proved to be impressive enough to rival larger festival stages as the tent continuously exceeded its 200 person capacity during the three days and people swarmed the entrance for a chance to experience what StubHub was offering.

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